The story
of Jakobsdals

A creative home with endless combinations

Creative and innovative thinking where personality and identity inspires you.

Our true ambition is to create relevant products that add sense, soul and attitude in every room, things that have a purpose and fills your life with joy.

We manage this by sharing the same values and thoughts about quality and design that our company did when it saw the light of dawn.

In the beginning a Yarn spinnery where it spun the most beautiful of yarns in a proud spirit. The name Jakobsdals derives from the Jakobsdal neighborhood in Gothenburg, which was then a real textile mecca with several distinguished companies. Over the years, the company has evolved from a yarn spinnery to a modern company in the furniture and home furnishing industry where the base is in textiles, just as it once did when we started.

These days our journeys around the world gives us inspiration to create genuine collections where the connection to New York, Paris and Milan feels close.

Our creations breathe style and elegance. With dazzling, floristic and dynamic pattern images, preferably tactile our journey continues…

Through life with endless combinations.