Museum - It´s all about art


Spring is closer than you think. Seduced by the castle environment, the bright light that seeps in and creates life. Let us guide you through our gallery of beauties.

2020 marks Jakobsdal’s 110 years as a stylish and innovative brand. Our story is tastefully woven into the spring collection.

Museum – It´s all about art is a collection that best belongs in a gallery. Full of beautiful, modern and classic works. Each one is carefully selected to be worth its name and to find your special treasure.

The colors are carefully selected where blue and green marry, where pink and terra create a pleasant tint. Faint tones meet harmonizing pattern images that are simply styled together and become magic. Classic designs are captured and brought to life, Museum is a tastefully elegant collection with hints of sparkling colors that really enhance the experience.

Let your inner creativity drain, enjoy the color scales and pattern images that find their place in a stylish way.